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What I love about colouring & are there any benefits in colouring for adults?

Did you know what your brain experiences relief when it enters a meditative state – such as when colouring? This allows for the stress and anxiety to fade into the background. You’re also expelling negative thoughts by taking action which gives you a hit of dopamine! It has everything to do with refocusing your attention. And colouring requires a modest amount of attention being focused outside of your self-awareness. It’s a simple activity that takes you outside of yourself in […]

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Want to deal with less hissy fits? Coach your child through the strong emotions with these tips

How to have less hissy fits with your kids

Children need love – especially when they seem to deserve it the least. And that’s when it can be so incredibly hard to find a compassionate response. Dealing with a developing brain and a human being learning how to hooman gets overwhelming at times. And arguing with a miniature version of myself, with the same shit-ass attitude, can get really frustrating. When I say “Get dressed”, I don’t mean stand around watching TV with one sock on. Some days my […]

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Is it absurd to smile when you don’t feel like it?

Does smiling make you feel better?

A smiling face is truly a beautiful face and a simple smile is the door to opening your heart to compassion. Everyone recognises and understands a smile because a smile is the universal language of kindness and friendliness. With hundreds of languages around the world, the smile speaks them all. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. Because when you smile you get smiles in return. Not only is a smile a powerful gesture to show others, but […]

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