Why sometimes you just need to chuck it in the f*ck it bucket. And how my “give a f*ck” can be broken while my “go f*ck yourself” is still fully functional

Stop caring about the stuff that doesn't matter and find more energy to live your life

What you need to do is to stop being “positive” all the time so that you can become a genuinely better, happier person. For decades we’ve been told that positivity is the key to happiness and that by “just staying positive” you can gloss over any ugly shit in your life you don’t like the looks of. But we need to stop sugarcoating it, because shit’s fucked up. And we have to learn to live with it. That let’s-all-feel-good mindset […]

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What are transformational relationships & how can you create them at work?

How to let an employee go with compassion and empathy

Transactional relationships are very good and very useful: they make the world go around. But you won’t build transformational relationships with every person you meet. If you can do it with the right people, you’ll find that previously unimaginable horizons will open up to you. You’ll discover what loyalty and commitment really feel like. And how creating those elusive win-win situations is a truly worthy goal. You’ll marvel at the depth of compassion in someone who genuinely wants the best […]

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5 tips from a copywriter on writing a cover letter: this is how to bring out the best of yourself & show why you’re perfect for the job!

How to write a winning cover letter that will be read and not thrown int he trash

We used to live in communitites where we’d spend most of our lives with people we knew. But then we left that behind and started moving into cities. Cities that are full of strangers. People we’ve never met and never will. And this means you’re faced with the challenge of convincing complete strangers that they should take a chance on you. Give that job to you. Not the next person. To make that happen, you want to make sure that […]

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Is it absurd to smile when you don’t feel like it?

Does smiling make you feel better?

A smiling face is truly a beautiful face and a simple smile is the door to opening your heart to compassion. Everyone recognises and understands a smile because a smile is the universal language of kindness and friendliness. With hundreds of languages around the world, the smile speaks them all. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. Because when you smile you get smiles in return. Not only is a smile a powerful gesture to show others, but […]

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Why do all children deserve to have good self-esteem? Set your kid up for success in life with this advice

Every child deserves to have good self-esteem

Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed in them first. Strong self-esteem is the best defence your children can have against life’s challenges. But it isn’t passed on, like a family heirloom, and cannot simply be given. You need to teach your kids how to build it in themselves. It is far easier to build up the self-esteem of a child than it is to repair it in an adult. Having low self-esteem is like […]

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