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5 things I wish people knew about me as a highly sensitive & introverted empath

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Being highly sensitive means being misunderstood quite a lot. Having a particularly sensitive nervous system means that you process everything – and I mean everything: thoughts, feelings, temperature, sensations, smells – more deeply. Your experience of the world is different. And your sensitivity can feel like an annoyance or burden to other people. I know that my sensitivity has created many misunderstandings, especially with family members who insist that my sensitivity is just “all in my head”.  While not everyone […]

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Have you been told you need to grow thicker skin? Maybe you’re an empath!

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Empaths are like emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and the joy from the world around them. To really thrive as an empath (not just survive), you need to learn how to stop taking on the energy, stress and moods of other people. To an empath, the world can often seem coarse, heartless and disdainful of sensitivity. I’ve been told time and again that I need to be less sensitive if I want to succeed in life. And I’ve […]

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Worried about how your kids are gonna deal with life? Bully-proofing your kids is simpler than you think

Advice for parents that are empaths or have emapth children

Dr. Seuss said, “Be yourself because the people who mind don’t matter. And the people that matter don’t mind”. With anxiety and depression rates in young people growing at the same rate as smartphone adoption, it’s more important than ever to raise strong, self-aware children who can not only survive meeting a bully but thrive in a world full of them. By extension, raising bully-proof kids, is also raising kids who don’t bully. Compassion and empathy is the only way […]

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