What are transformational relationships & how can you create them at work?

How to let an employee go with compassion and empathy

Transactional relationships are very good and very useful: they make the world go around. But you won’t build transformational relationships with every person you meet. If you can do it with the right people, you’ll find that previously unimaginable horizons will open up to you. You’ll discover what loyalty and commitment really feel like. And how creating those elusive win-win situations is a truly worthy goal. You’ll marvel at the depth of compassion in someone who genuinely wants the best […]

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If you’re highly sensitive and feel worn out by your job these tips can help you feel better

Feel worn out at work? These tips help

When I worked full-time, there were days I left work feeling like an 18-wheeler had done a 3-point-turn on over me. I felt totally drained and exhausted. I came home and wouldn’t have the energy to do a single thing. Still, dinner needed to be cooked and lunch made ready for the next day, the apartment needed cleaning, the cat needed feeding and the litter box cleaning. Overwhelmed by others’ energy I had very little patience left to consciously offer […]

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