Copywriters are only good for writing sales copy. Right?

What does a copywriter do?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what a copywriter really does. Sometimes, I find it damn near impossible to explain what it is that my job as a copywriter really is.

In a market that exists in parallel – both online and offline – I think copywriters are especially under-utilised, typically used for writing sales copy that is as interesting as watching paint dry.

A good copywriter can almost work magic just with words. A good copywriter will pull a thread from the essence of the brand to the heart of a potential customer and give that baby a pulse, make a genuine connection, create a true fan.

But if we’re so good at communicating, why aren’t our talents put to better use than copy-pasting text from the legal department to the website?

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How you communicate matters: especially when you want to become a raging success and take on the big boys

Ryan Reynolds makes really good ads

The value of a brand rises and falls with the quality of its brand communication.

Successful brand communication is embodied by two things: enthusiastic customers and content employees.

Even the strong, big brands need to get their brand communication spot on or have their brand value go down.

When I see good brand communication, I can’t help but marvel – and you don’t need exorbitant budgets to do it well, either. This is a simple hats off to some good brand communication.

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Write awesome job ads or suffer the consequences – tips from a copywriter for better hiring

How to write a good job ad

Fine, you can jot up the copy for a job and post it, patting yourself on the back for a job well done.

But cupcake, that’s really just wasting your own time and resources because the only thing a poorly written job ad will accomplish is to bring in all the wrong applicants.

A job ad is essentially brand communication and it should represent you as a brand. More importantly, it should garner the attention of those who already are or will become your brand ambassadors.

A good job ad will give you a smaller pool of talent to choose from, but the standard of applicants will be of a higher quality as they will be more likely to be more agreeable with your company.

A good job ad will make it difficult to choose between applicants because they all seem perfect. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?

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