Tagnarcissistic behaviour

Conversational narcissism: what is it and how to avoid it?

We are starved for attention. And not in the least because a lot of the social supports people used to rely on have disappeared. We live a performative and public existence where we’re constantly seeking and vying for other people’s attention. Our brains are being retrained as our natural behaviours are being used to exploit what is one of the most valuable commodities today: our attention. In a time when we’ve substituted in-person interaction with instant messaging, like my brother- […]

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How to recognise a conversational narcissist & tips on how to be a charming conversationalist from a communications expert

A conversational narcissist is someone who tends to steer any conversation to focus on themselves. Whether this is by giving more shift-responses or by simply withholding support-responses, you’ll recognise a conversational narcissist by how they always make every exchange you have with them about them. You may suspect a conversational narcissist if it’s someone who: needs a lot of attention, can’t seem to stop talking, or seek you out just to tell them how great they’re doing. 1) They are […]

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