Worried about how your kids are gonna deal with life? Bully-proofing your kids is simpler than you think

Feelings are like waves we can surf

Dr. Seuss said, “Be yourself because the people who mind don’t matter. And the people that matter don’t mind”.

With anxiety and depression rates in young people growing at the same rate as smartphone adoption, it’s more important than ever to raise strong, self-aware children who can not only survive meeting a bully, but thrive in a world full of them.

By extension, raising bully-proof kids, will also raise kids who don’t bully. Compassion and empathy is the only way we have back to each other, back to a place where we can connect with each other and be part of something greater than ourselves.

Compassion is not a virtue, it’s a commitment. It’s not something we have or don’t have – it’s something we choose to practice every day, every challenge.

The earlier we begin to foster compassion in our children, the easier it will be for them to choose compassion over antagonism.

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Book recommendation: The Struggle Is Real

Best books for new parents

Brian Gordon is back with this sequel that further delves into the pain points of parenting. If you don’t already have kids, read this first! “It’s almost exactly like a day of parenting, except without the annoying little people.” It’s all about setting expectations — especially if this is your first parental rodeo. It’s just that we humans are notoriously bad at it. “When you board a plane, they give you a safety talk about possible emergencies. If something bad happens, you’re supposed […]

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Book recommendation: Welcome To Parenting

Book Recommendation for all new parents

“I used to be cool and do cool things,” sounds about as accurate of a description as I’ve ever heard about parenting. This is the ultimate gift for new parents. My husband gifted Welcome To Parenting to a colleague for the birth of their first child. The birth ended up in a cesarean and the baby on a short detour to the NICU, so this book was a welcome distraction for the frazzled, tired, new parents while in hospital. A few […]

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Book recommendation: The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester by Susan Brink

An encouraging and positive read that mixes science with real-life stories. Susan Brink is filling a gap in the literature that new parents discover when they enter the fourth trimester. She writes specifically to help shine a light on what’s going on in little babies for the first months of life. The first three months of a baby’s life is an outside-the-uterus period of intense development, a biological bridge from foetal life to preparation for the real world. The fourth […]

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