6 ways to master being comfortable with being uncomfortable

How to master being uncomfortable to achieve your goals

If you want to reach those big goals, you’re gonna have to get comfortable with a degree of discomfort. Pushing yourself to your limits and then exceeding those limits is not painless. It requires trial and error, failure and success. And know that that’s the only way to get there. There are no shortcuts. Most of all, it requires showing up every single day. No matter what you’ve got going on in your life that might make you feel like […]

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5 reasons why you need grit and 5 ways to get it (not the sand kind, but the mental toughness kind)

Why you need grit and how to get it

You can bring all the talent in the world, and say that you’re going to depend on that alone, but it will only get you so far. To get to the finish line, it’s going to take grit and grind and desire. Every piston needs to be pumping at full-throttle in the engine if you’re going to win. Once you start thinking of building grit as a life strategy, it becomes easier to weave it into every aspect of your […]

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10 things you can learn from highly resilient people

What you can learn from highly resilient people

It’s natural to resist change, especially when it comes in the form of challenges and adversity. Who wants to climb the mountain when you can take the ski-lift and enjoy the view on a leisurely ascent to the top? But since change is the only constant in life, change is inevitable. Building up yourself to become more resilient will not only help you survive and bounce back from change, but it will also allow you to thrive even in difficult […]

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