If you’re highly sensitive and feel worn out by your job these tips can help you feel better

Feel worn out at work? These tips help

When I worked full-time, there were days I left work feeling like an 18-wheeler had done a 3-point-turn on over me. I felt totally drained and exhausted. I came home and wouldn’t have the energy to do a single thing. Still, dinner needed to be cooked and lunch made ready for the next day, the apartment needed cleaning, the cat needed feeding and the litter box cleaning. Overwhelmed by others’ energy I had very little patience left to consciously offer […]

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Do you have what it takes to turn your pain into power?

How to turn your pain into your power

The thing about success is, that we don’t achieve it despite feeling pain. We achieve it precisely because we experience pain. Now, I know this sounds like the short end of the stick – it kind of is – but if we spend our lives running away from the pain we’re never going to benefit from it. Life has a funny way of always coming back at us with the lessons that we didn’t learn the first time around. If […]

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Do you feel like you’re drifting aimlessly through life? Use these 5 steps do discover your core values

Do you feel like you're drifting in life? Here's what to do!

Your values are a powerful thing. Even though they’re “just ideas” they shape your life and are the underlying root cause to most of your decisions. Knowing your own core values will guide you towards a more meaningful and satisfying life. It reduces stress, improves your health, problem-solving skills and drives you to make better decisions. Connecting with your values revs up your willpower and makes you persist in the face of difficulty. You will be both more assertive and […]

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Want to deal with less hissy fits? Coach your child through the strong emotions with these tips

How to have less hissy fits with your kids

Children need love – especially when they seem to deserve it the least. And that’s when it can be so incredibly hard to find a compassionate response. Dealing with a developing brain and a human being learning how to hooman gets overwhelming at times. And arguing with a miniature version of myself, with the same shit-ass attitude, can get really frustrating. When I say “Get dressed”, I don’t mean stand around watching TV with one sock on. Some days my […]

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