What is a money script and how does it affect your finances as a woman?

Your daily life runs on habits. Do you jump right out of bed, or hit snooze a few times? Brush your teeth before or after breakfast? A lot of the little things you do in a day are things you’re not generally aware of. Not until someone points it out to you. It’s these preferences and learned behaviours that move you through the world. And they have a great impact on your life. Researchers found that this same is true […]

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A quick-start guide to journaling: 10 essential tips for beginners

Journaling has been nothing if not life-changing for me. Every time I get stuck – with work, in life, in relationships, in processing emotions – journaling is there to help me sort it all out. Being able to have that profound impact on your mindset is crucial when you want to heal and move forward in life. However, back when I started, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. All I knew about journaling was that Dear diary cliché. […]

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Those who say it’s just an animal don’t get that pets are people too: 8 reasons why empaths share a deep bond with animals

woman posing with her small dog in front of a hedge

Empaths share a deep bond with animals – one that’s built on understanding, care and unconditional love. With your unique ability to genuinely feel what others feel, you’re uniquely positioned to develop a deep understanding of your animal companions. Being around people all day is tiring (even when it’s fun) and as an empath, you need to switch off from picking up on everyone else’s emotions and energy. Animals have a wonderful grounding effect on empaths. They can help you […]

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How to protect your energy as an empath: 6 everyday tips to avoid getting overwhelmed

girl sitting by the water

Being an empath is a wonderful thing because it allows you to understand how others – people and animals – feel on a profound level. It means you can truly appreciate what they’re going through, you feel genuine compassion for them and you’re often moved to help others. And you can be a great support to others. Because you’re deeply caring and are good at forming strong connections. But it’s not so great when you feel like you don’t want […]

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Why empaths usually don’t make a lot of money + 5 money mindset shifts you can make to change that

Why your brain is the best tool to use when you want to make more money

For a type of person that’s typically REALLY into self-development and getting organised about life, it’s kind of ironic that most empaths aren’t wealthy. We love writing down goals and journaling about where we want to go in life (we’ve done this so many damned times). We use sticky notes, program reminders and support systems to help us with goals. We buy books, hire coaches, and surround ourselves with like-minded people. Yet we still struggle. At work. In business. With […]

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Why it’s important to protect your energy as an empath + 14 easy ways to do it

woman standing at beach

Being an empath means being highly sensitive to the energies around you. People, places, objects, events and environments all have a profound effect on how you feel. Being open to so much information all the time can easily send you on an emotional rollercoaster. Not in the least because very few people truly understand how deeply affected you can be. Commuting to work used to be my hellfire. Being on the underground in the press of morning rush hour made […]

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5 things I wish people knew about me as a highly sensitive & introverted empath

woman wearing gray long-sleeved shirt facing the sea

Being highly sensitive means being misunderstood quite a lot. Having a particularly sensitive nervous system means that you process everything – and I mean everything: thoughts, feelings, temperature, sensations, smells – more deeply. Your experience of the world is different. And your sensitivity can feel like an annoyance or burden to other people. I know that my sensitivity has created many misunderstandings, especially with family members who insist that my sensitivity is just “all in my head”.  While not everyone […]

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Have you been told you need to grow thicker skin? Maybe you’re an empath!

woman wearing white floral dress raising right hand

Empaths are like emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and the joy from the world around them. To really thrive as an empath (not just survive), you need to learn how to stop taking on the energy, stress and moods of other people. To an empath, the world can often seem coarse, heartless and disdainful of sensitivity. I’ve been told time and again that I need to be less sensitive if I want to succeed in life. And I’ve […]

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