How journaling can change the life of an empath: an easy-to-use tool for empowerment and emotional well-being

Empaths are individuals who have an innate ability to sense and feel the emotions and energy of others. While this can be a wonderful gift, it can also be challenging to navigate in a world that can be overwhelming and emotionally charged. Journaling can be a powerful tool for empaths to help them process their emotions, set boundaries, and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others. In this blog post, we will explore the ways in which journaling can […]

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Alexandra Gustafsson on how empathy and creativity are at the heart of being an actor

I caught up with actress Alexandra Gustafsson to chat about creativity and empathy from the perspective of a stage performer. Alexandra is currently studying for her Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama. Her journey into the world of acting is a pretty classic one; she has loved being centre stage for as long as she can remember, and her childhood included a lot of coercing family members, friends and guests to sit through her one-woman shows. And whenever there […]

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Those who say it’s just an animal don’t get that pets are people too: 8 reasons why empaths share a deep bond with animals

woman posing with her small dog in front of a hedge

Empaths share a deep bond with animals – one that’s built on understanding, care and unconditional love. With your unique ability to genuinely feel what others feel, you’re uniquely positioned to develop a deep understanding of your animal companions. Being around people all day is tiring (even when it’s fun) and as an empath, you need to switch off from picking up on everyone else’s emotions and energy. Animals have a wonderful grounding effect on empaths. They can help you […]

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14 things you’ll only understand if you’re an empath and highly affected by the energy around you

woman standing on beach during sunset

The word ’empathy’ comes from Greek ‘empatheia‘, which is made up of em– (in) and pathos (feeling). Being able to feel how others feel is a unique ability. But this also means that you’re easily be affected by the energy other people bring to you, and that can cause some real challenges in the life of an empath. Being so sensitive to how others feel and experience things makes you a very caring and compassionate person. Understanding how others feel […]

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Why it’s important to protect your energy as an empath + 14 easy ways to do it

woman standing at beach

Being an empath means being highly sensitive to the energies around you. People, places, objects, events and environments all have a profound effect on how you feel. Being open to so much information all the time can easily send you on an emotional rollercoaster. Not in the least because very few people truly understand how deeply affected you can be. Commuting to work used to be my hellfire. Being on the underground in the press of morning rush hour made […]

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Why it matters that you show your love & 10 ways to say “I love you”

A woman holding a heart

Did you know that sharing your love will lower your stress hormones, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as boost your immune system? To get all these benefits, though, you need to express your love, not just feel it. You can say “I love you”, write a note or send a text to say “I’m thinking about you”. Hugging, listening and offering to help with chores are all ways of showing your love too. Just being in the presence of […]

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How bringing empathy to work can be the greatest thing you ever do as a boss

How to bring empathy to work

Have you ever felt like some people at work weren’t hugged enough as children? Like the time I called in sick ahead of a Saturday 6 am shift and a total harpy picked up the phone. I had a fever, I hadn’t slept and I was super nervous about talking on the phone with a stranger. On the verge of tears and hands shaking, I piped up, “I’m sick and I can’t make it to work today”. The crone on […]

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Never feel overwhelmed or overstimulated again with these 4 simple tips

woman sitting on floor near window at daytime

When you want to make people happy, you have a hard time saying no. But learning when to say no is one of those life lessons you just gotta learn if you ever want to learn how to live with your sensitivity. Saying no doesn’t mean refusing to socialise. It’s more about learning what you can deal with and when you have the capacity to do so. And learning to take care of yourself when you do know that there’s […]

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What if you could genuinely comfort someone without resorting to “it’s okay” and a pat on the back?

What to say instead of "it's okay"

If you want sympathy, look in the dictionary between SHIT and SYPHILIS. Sympathy drives disconnection because it is drawing a silver lining around someone else’s pain and dismissing their feelings as no big deal. You easily fall back on sympathy when you’re trying to protect your own heart (especially when you’re an overwhelmed empath), but acting like you don’t have a heart doesn’t make you a very good person. How you make other people feel about themselves, says a lot […]

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What’s the smarter way to deal with a crying child?

How to deal with a temper tantrum the smart way

Parenting is a lot like the bar scene; everyone’s yelling, everything is sticky, the same music plays over and over again and once in a while somebody pukes. There’s also a lot more yelling at people from the bathroom than I ever imagined. Parenting was a lot easier when I was raising my non-existent kids hypothetically. Back then I didn’t know that I could ruin someone’s day by asking them to put pants on. The standard toddler to-do list goes […]

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Worried about how your kids are gonna deal with life? Bully-proofing your kids is simpler than you think

Advice for parents that are empaths or have emapth children

Dr. Seuss said, “Be yourself because the people who mind don’t matter. And the people that matter don’t mind”. With anxiety and depression rates in young people growing at the same rate as smartphone adoption, it’s more important than ever to raise strong, self-aware children who can not only survive meeting a bully but thrive in a world full of them. By extension, raising bully-proof kids, is also raising kids who don’t bully. Compassion and empathy is the only way […]

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Want to deal with less hissy fits? Coach your child through the strong emotions with these tips

How to have less hissy fits with your kids

Children need love – especially when they seem to deserve it the least. And that’s when it can be so incredibly hard to find a compassionate response. Dealing with a developing brain and a human being learning how to hooman gets overwhelming at times. And arguing with a miniature version of myself, with the same shit-ass attitude, can get really frustrating. When I say “Get dressed”, I don’t mean stand around watching TV with one sock on. Some days my […]

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6 ways introverts and cats are alike

For the longest time I thought I was a dog person, just because I grew up around dog people. But I always felt emotionally drained by dogs, constantly paying attention to me, always wanting me to go do something and never letting me make a trip to the fridge by myself. Then, I discovered cats with their aloof ways and nonchalant manner. And I bailed on dogs, like a rat off a sinking ship. Plus, when I complain about what […]

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How to know if your parent is a narcissist

How to know if your parent is a narcissist

Whenever I start talking about narcissism and being raised by a narcissist, I’m always overwhelmed by the response. It’s clear that not just one or two of us have been raised by at least one narcissistic parent. Having a narcissist for a parent wreaks havoc on your self-esteem, feelings of well-being and safety, courage and confidence for years. Your relationship with your parents is a very intimate one because you wholly depend on them at a young age to teach […]

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Why do all children deserve to have good self-esteem? Set your kid up for success in life with this advice

Every child deserves to have good self-esteem

Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed in them first. Strong self-esteem is the best defence your children can have against life’s challenges. But it isn’t passed on, like a family heirloom, and cannot simply be given. You need to teach your kids how to build it in themselves. It is far easier to build up the self-esteem of a child than it is to repair it in an adult. Having low self-esteem is like […]

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