Not Your Average Flowers – a collection of positive sentiment paired with watercolour florals

Positivity affirmation quotes

These are flowers for people who mean business when it comes to good cheer. You woke up this morning determined to put on your dancing shoes. You got a demon to kill. Today is your day – you’re gonna rise, shine and kick some ass! You’re gonna let go of the negativity and the bullshit. You’re gonna put down that burden that’s weighing you down and pay tribute to your unique strengths. You’re gonna give the finger to those ass-hats […]

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Floriography: learn the secret language of flowers so you can give unique gifts which are imbued with meaning and significance

Floriography is a cryptic way of communicating through flowers and plants. Meaning, significance and symbolism have been attributed to flowers for centuries, but most recently its popularity soared in the 19th century. Victorian England was not anything if not concerned with that which was proper. Men and women – particularly unmarried ones – were not free to associate with each other as it was deemed improper, and this led to floriography becoming popular alongside a rising interest in botany. Feelings […]

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