Not Your Average Flowers – a collection of positive sentiment paired with watercolour florals

Positivity affirmation quotes

These are flowers for people who mean business when it comes to good cheer.

You woke up this morning determined to put on your dancing shoes. You got a demon to kill.

Today is your day – you’re gonna rise, shine and kick some ass!

You’re gonna let go of the negativity and the bullshit. You’re gonna put down that burden that’s weighing you down and pay tribute to your unique strengths.

You’re gonna give the finger to those ass-hats telling you everything happens for a reason, and pump up the volume on the soundtrack of your life.

Today we celebrate you!

Flip into optimism.

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements you use to challenge negative and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

You can use them to motivate yourself, encourage positive change in your life and boost your self-esteem.

If you find yourself getting caught up in negative self-talk, positive affirmations will help you combat these subconscious patterns and replace them with more positive narratives.

Positive affirmations will only work when you repeat them regularly.

So, train that brain of yours to flip into optimism and turn off the negativity autopilot.

Shout huzzah!

We all need an encouraging word every now and again. Prime your brain with oxytocin, the happiness hormone, and you’re setting yourself up for success – come rain or shine.

These flowers are here to help you free yourself from the trivial, and enable you to live life with purpose and clarity.

I’ve paired each positive affirmation with a flower. I chose to do them in watercolour because I felt it gives them a kind of softness of colour that you can’t get with other mediums.

The underlying tone of the paper has a crucial effect on the finished colour of the flower due to the transparent nature of the watercolours. Watercolour has a unique way of blending together colours that makes it inviting to look at.

I designed these flowers to become a part of your daily routine. Because you’re going to put it somewhere so that you see it several times a day, I wanted these paintings to be beautiful to look at, so you’ll never tire of seeing them.

Show your love.

All of the pieces are paired with a different term of endearment: pumpkin, honeybunch, sweetpea, sunshine…

Because there’s nothing more dispiriting than feeling like you’re alone.

These terms of endearment inject love and care into each affirmation and make it feel like this is being said to you by someone who really loves you.

They act as a gentle reminder to love and care for yourself.

What I really wanted to do is tell that negative committee that meets in your head to sit down and shut up.

But in a nice and affirming way.

So, I thought, let’s banish those nay-sayers with flowers!

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