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What is a money script and how does it affect your finances as a woman?

Your daily life runs on habits. Do you jump right out of bed, or hit snooze a few times? Brush your teeth before or after breakfast? A lot of the little things you do in a day are things you’re not generally aware of. Not until someone points it out to you. It’s these preferences and learned behaviours that move you through the world. And they have a great impact on your life. Researchers found that this same is true […]

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How to make money as an empath: 3 beliefs you need to cultivate if you want to find a job you’ll love

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I’ve heard all kind of advice on the kind of jobs empaths should or shouldn’t do. But you can’t really bunch every empath together and say, “You should do this job, that other one is bad for you” – becasue we’re still all individuals. And while we all share similar experiences of life, I think it’s just plain bad advice to tell someone what kind of job they should have. In fact, that’s how it all just gets even more […]

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Why women need their own money: become a one-woman revolution by being financially independent

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Not that long ago, women were considered “not credit-worthy”. And in many countries this is still true today, even if it’s more convention than anything else. On a household level, women have been dissuaded from handling money matters and the awareness about investment decisions has been minimal. Women have a long history of being relegated to dealing with the household and running it on an allotted budget while the menfolk go out to earn an income and participate in the […]

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How to change your money mindset from stressed & scared to secure, confident & abundant as a woman: 6 powerful tips on how to do it

how to learn how to hold more abundance

You probably think I’m crazy for saying that the secret to establishing stability and increasing wealth comes down to attitude. After all, you can’t just *think* money into existence. Even so, I believe that your money mindset has a huge impact on how successful you are at achieving your financial goals, getting out of debt and living an abundant life – and not just in terms of material wealth. By adjusting your money mindset you make it easier for yourself […]

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Understand & improve your money mindset: why it’s important that women start talking about our deeply held beliefs around money

Don’t buy crap you don’t need. Spend less than you make. Pay your bills on time. Save for a rainy day and retirement. The mechanics of personal finance are pretty straight forward. But if you’ve ever set any kind of money goals for yourself, you know that doing that stuff in practice is more complicated. Because the stories you tell yourself limit your ability to take charge or your financial life. You spend a lot of time stressing about stuff […]

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The design process of the Money Mindset Workshop figurehead

When I, at the beginning of 2021, decided that it’s time to start creating courses, I also decided that each course will get its own “card”. I really love Alphonse Mucha’s illustrations and wanted to draw inspiration from his work. This way, each course will get its own lady as its figurehead! Mucha was a painter, illustrator and graphic artist who was born in Moravia but moved to Paris and went on to become one of the greatest exponents of […]

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What did I learn from taking the Money Mindset Workshop?

I think when it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for all of us. I became aware of being stuck in a very reductionist way of thinking when I realised I was interpreting everything in life from a very negative perspective. I began exploring it in more detail and found that it was deeply entwined with my own self-worth and that, in turn, was deeply entwined with money. And as I began exploring my […]

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