What did I learn from taking the Money Mindset Workshop?

I think when it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for all of us. I became aware of being stuck in a very reductionist way of thinking when I realised I was interpreting everything in life from a very negative perspective.

I began exploring it in more detail and found that it was deeply entwined with my own self-worth and that, in turn, was deeply entwined with money.

And as I began exploring my relationship with money more closely, some pretty big stuff started to shake loose from the rafters. So, I kept rattling around more and over the course of a few years, I managed to gain a completely new perspective on money.

Especially, when I decided to start a business of my own I realised that it’s essential to develop a better relationship with money than I’ve ever had before.

I tried a few courses from other people, but I found that often people deal with money on a very surface level.

Yet I know from first-hand experience that there cannot be fundamental change if you don’t change the underlying beliefs that govern your actions.

So, I created my own course that’s designed to take you behind the scenes of your own mind

And be sure of this: there’s a lot to unpack in your subconscious. A lot of stuff that’s holding you back in ways you don’t even realise.

The first step towards changing those things, is awareness.

You need to identify the origin of your block, then you need to find something to interrupt the old pattern and use that to consciously create a new set of beliefs that will empower you to create the kind of change you want.

Like I took it for granted that if I’ve started a business, I want it to be a success.

And I do want it to be a success – but if I hadn’t gone through the workshop myself and done the work, I wouldn’t have realised that I have an underlying belief telling me that I can never be successful, that I’m doomed to fail.

Without uncovering that mental block I would never have become aware of all the small ways in which I actually sabotage my own success, and I wouldn’t be able to introduce new beliefs and habits that actually support my success rather than work against it.

On the surface, it can seem like money isn’t the way into deeper things in your life.

At the same time, money is such an essential and ubiquitous part of everyday life that it’s the perfect avenue to use when you want to find out how you really see yourself. Because as you start working your way down deeper into your subconscious beliefs, you’ll realise that money works as an anchor for a lot of things in life.

And so, the Money Mindset Workshop isn’t just about changing your money mindset, it’s about changing how you see yourself and how you value yourself.

And as a result of that, you’ll automatically start to change your life, and will mindfully craft a life for yourself that’s more aligned with your personal values than ever before.

My journey through the workshop

I’ve transcribed (I used a pen and notebook for my journaling) my journey through the workshop here on the blog so that you can see the journey I went on.

You can browse all the entries here.

Granted they’re listed in reverse, but if you want to start at Day 1 you can click here and use the links at the bottom to move to the next day in order.

Should you take the workshop?

Only if you’re truly ready to do the deep inner work this kind of transformation requires.

And keep in mind that it’s going to be 25 days of it, which is no easy feat. Because doing the exercises, day after day, is tiring and emotionally exhausting. So, you need to grit and commitment to get through them all.

It’s a transformational course for the next generation of women.

I started hearing from people that this workshop is such a “fresh take” on an old problem. But fresh for who? It’s not like the denying of economic power to women is new.

So, it’s only fresh for the patriarchy. And the young women who are now beginning to build their lives in a world that was built by the patriarchy, by systems that are still often inherently partiarchal, racist and exclusionary in nature.

Women need this information. Women need this transformation.

Because women need to step into economic power.

The world is shifting, and women are going to control more and more of the money in the world as this shift takes place. We need the full participation of women in wielding economic power so that we can make a better world. A more inclusive world.

So, this is for you when you want to do the deep inner work and heal your past wounds so that you can fully step into your economic power – and use it to create a better life and a better world.

Upgrade your money mindset to break through that infuriating income plateau, create a life that’s aligned with your personal values and an income that matches your aspirations.

And this 25-day whirlwind is just the beginning!

After you complete the workshop, the real work begins. But I’ve designed it to be as good a start to your new journey as it could possibly be.

But I know you’ll shine!