12 simple steps to take you from trauma dumping to emotional sharing

Going from trauma dumping to healthy emotional sharing is a crucial step towards building more supportive and balanced relationships. Trauma dumping can be overwhelming for both the person sharing and the listener, and it may not provide the emotional support that the sharer truly needs. Here’s an actionable guide to help individuals transition from trauma dumping to more constructive emotional sharing: 1. Self-reflection and awareness Before sharing your emotions, take some time to reflect on your feelings. Ask yourself why […]

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The journey of shadow work: these are the 4 questions people ask me the most

Shadow work is an introspective and deeply personal journey that many of us embark upon, often without even realising it. It’s an exploration of the darker aspects of our psyche, the parts of ourselves we’d rather keep hidden from the world and even from our own consciousness. “What does it mean to do shadow work?” To do shadow work is to confront the aspects of ourselves that we typically suppress, deny, or reject. These aspects are often rooted in our […]

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Discovering your dream life: how to figure out what you really want

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your happiest life? To wake up every day and be truly content with your surroundings, relationships, and daily activities? While it may seem like an elusive dream, there is a simple yet powerful technique to start uncovering your ideal life. Whether it’s finding your dream job, pursuing a passion, or experiencing a new adventure, this approach can help you move closer to a life that brings you joy and […]

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Reconnecting with myself: how journaling helped me find my authentic life

I used to wake up every morning feeling like I was living someone else’s life. It was like I was on autopilot, going through the motions without any real sense of purpose or direction. I felt disconnected from myself, like I was a stranger in my own body. I didn’t know how to make sense of these feelings. I was just going through the motions, doing what was expected of me without any real passion or drive. It wasn’t until […]

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4 simple steps to making a New Year’s resolution that sticks

More than half of all New Year’s resolutions fail. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Because you’ve done it, excitedly proclaimed that Everything Is Going To Be Different Next Year after you’ve spent some time pondering where you are in life as the year comes to a close only to find that you didn’t even stick to your resolution till the end of January. A third of resolutioners don’t make it to the end of January, so you’re not […]

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What is a money script and how does it affect your finances as a woman?

Your daily life runs on habits. Do you jump right out of bed, or hit snooze a few times? Brush your teeth before or after breakfast? A lot of the little things you do in a day are things you’re not generally aware of. Not until someone points it out to you. It’s these preferences and learned behaviours that move you through the world. And they have a great impact on your life. Researchers found that this same is true […]

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7 great reasons to use a notebook for better mental health

bird notebook on a bench

If you have thoughts, you’re a thinker. Every human being engages their mind all day, every day. And the mind can be exercised and optimised, just like the body, with a few simple tools. Your smartphone can do almost anything, especially with the right apps. But it’s useful to sometimes ditch your phone in favour of a trusty notebook because there are things a notebook can do for your brain that a smart device cannot. 1. Disconnecting is good for […]

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Conversational narcissism: what is it and how to avoid it?

We are starved for attention. And not in the least because a lot of the social supports people used to rely on have disappeared. We live a performative and public existence where we’re constantly seeking and vying for other people’s attention. Our brains are being retrained as our natural behaviours are being used to exploit what is one of the most valuable commodities today: our attention. In a time when we’ve substituted in-person interaction with instant messaging, like my brother- […]

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25 journal prompts to help you start your shadow work journey

So, why is it beneficial to work on shadow elements of yourself? It all comes down to self-knowledge and self-awareness. Being aware of your shadow self means you make better choices in life and identify the issues that you want to change or work on. What is shadow work? Shadow work is the process of exploring the unconscious parts of your mind with the goal of bringing them into conscious awareness so that you can accept and integrate them with […]

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Alexandra Gustafsson on how empathy and creativity are at the heart of being an actor

I caught up with actress Alexandra Gustafsson to chat about creativity and empathy from the perspective of a stage performer. Alexandra is currently studying for her Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama. Her journey into the world of acting is a pretty classic one; she has loved being centre stage for as long as she can remember, and her childhood included a lot of coercing family members, friends and guests to sit through her one-woman shows. And whenever there […]

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How to recognise a conversational narcissist & tips on how to be a charming conversationalist from a communications expert

A conversational narcissist is someone who tends to steer any conversation to focus on themselves. Whether this is by giving more shift-responses or by simply withholding support-responses, you’ll recognise a conversational narcissist by how they always make every exchange you have with them about them. You may suspect a conversational narcissist if it’s someone who: needs a lot of attention, can’t seem to stop talking, or seek you out just to tell them how great they’re doing. 1) They are […]

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How to protect your energy as an empath: 6 everyday tips to avoid getting overwhelmed

girl sitting by the water

Being an empath is a wonderful thing because it allows you to understand how others – people and animals – feel on a profound level. It means you can truly appreciate what they’re going through, you feel genuine compassion for them and you’re often moved to help others. And you can be a great support to others. Because you’re deeply caring and are good at forming strong connections. But it’s not so great when you feel like you don’t want […]

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How to change your money mindset from stressed & scared to secure, confident & abundant as a woman: 6 powerful tips on how to do it

how to learn how to hold more abundance

You probably think I’m crazy for saying that the secret to establishing stability and increasing wealth comes down to attitude. After all, you can’t just *think* money into existence. Even so, I believe that your money mindset has a huge impact on how successful you are at achieving your financial goals, getting out of debt and living an abundant life – and not just in terms of material wealth. By adjusting your money mindset you make it easier for yourself […]

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What are the benefits of a gratitude journaling practice? 15 gratitude journaling prompts to get you started

how and why to start a gratitude journal

Gratitude is real magic. In your mind. Even when all you can see is how horrible things are, gratitude can turn things around. It won’t fix everything that’s wrong with the world, but it’ll take your focus away from the bad and point you towards what’s still good. The days when you think it can’t get worse, gratitude will help you heal. Not instantly, but slowly over time writing about your gratitude will have a profound effect on your life. […]

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My free gratitude journaling course is finished! It’s the place to be if you want to gain the happiness advantage

Learn gratitude journaling with this free course that has gratitude prompts for 21 days

Wowee, these past few weeks have had me up and down, and spun all around. I finally finished Thankful, my free gratitude journaling course, and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, free. I know spending hours agonising over what to write about and building a whole course on gratitude to give away for nothing seems contradictory when you’re trying to get your busienss off the ground. Trust me, I’ve had my doubts about this too. All the bro marketers and boss […]

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14 things you’ll only understand if you’re an empath and highly affected by the energy around you

woman standing on beach during sunset

The word ’empathy’ comes from Greek ‘empatheia‘, which is made up of em– (in) and pathos (feeling). Being able to feel how others feel is a unique ability. But this also means that you’re easily be affected by the energy other people bring to you, and that can cause some real challenges in the life of an empath. Being so sensitive to how others feel and experience things makes you a very caring and compassionate person. Understanding how others feel […]

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