How to create more headspace in your everyday life with these 4 simple writing exercises

Forget trying to become a writer and just write because it’s one of the best ways to declutter your mind.

Writing on paper (rather than on a computer or tab) forces your brain to really slow down and think – that’s why I prefer printable templates that I can write on myself.

Of course, you can write in any way that is convenient for you – but you should be writing!

This is one of the easiest forms of self-expression that will allow you to gain perspective on your thoughts and feelings.

Especially, when you process things deeply and tend to mull over stuff for a long time, doing these types of simple writing exercises regularly can drastically improve your quality of life.

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I cut my hair way too short today – but I don’t hate it!

I started cutting my hair at home when I was living in Pakistan. Every time I tried to go and get my hair cut there, and asked for layers, the person cutting my hair would declare that my nordic fair, fine hair was too thin for anything like that.

I’d had layers before, so it sounded odd. But when they insisted on cutting hair with tailor’s scissors, it makes more sense.

So, I started cutting it at home, in a shitty bathroom with a triangle mirror that was barely the size of my face.

And I’ve continued ever since with acceptable results. The few times I’ve gone to a hairdresser, they always end up doing things I don’t like or washing my hair with products that dry my hair and scalp out.

Plus it feels like a massive bother to make an appointment and take the time out of my day to go.

It’s just easier to do it at home. The only risk is, that sometimes it gets out of hand.

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Should you give up on having creative hobbies if you aren’t the creative type?

Why you should have a creative hobby

So, you can’t draw. Or knit. Or go near superglue without gluing at least two fingers together. You can’t decorate a cake to save your life and your violin playing makes the alleycats yowl.

So what? Does that mean that you should give up on having creative hobbies? Of course not!

Creativity is a fundamental part of who you are as a human being – and it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like. That’s something that you tweak with practice.

Without creativity we wouldn’t have started using fire, crafting tools or creating cave art – let alone developed culture and modern society.

Even the greatest masters started somewhere and the first time might have looked or tasted or sounded awful but it felt right.

Have you given up on your own creativity?

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