Little Birds — a collection to express joy and vivacity through abstraction

Kingfisher Fine Art Print

Get ready to be showered in compliments.

Compliments on your excellent taste. Your eye for unique art. And your wonderful interior design skills.

Not only will these little birds liven up your space, but they’ll also instantly transform you from a regular person into an Art Collector.

How do I know?

To paint these, I blasted classical music and let the energy of the music guide me.

These little birds embody the classics from Mozart and Beethoven to Vivaldi and Brahms.

These pieces will look fantastic in just about any kind of decor.

They’ll bring a gorgeous explosion of colour to any neutral space. Or you can use them in eclectic decor as a focal point that will make your space look thought-out.

Painted in an abstract method, these works will convey that you have style, class and sophistication.

Every time you gaze at your piece, your chest will swell with the joy of having found the perfect art to bring the rest of your decor together.

What is this collection about?

I wanted to create a collection of paintings that capture the experience of running into little birds in the forest.

Darting around and alighting on branches, in shrubs and on stones, they’ll fly off as soon as you’ve caught sight of them.

The abstract style aims to capture that moment when you notice the bird, but don’t get a long enough look to make out the details.

What’s left in your mind is an impression of light, shape, colour and movement.

The blurry outlines show how the birds are in constant motion, never sitting quite still.

Even if the bird sits still, the branch might sway and bob, leaving your eyes to catch up with the moving target.

It’s about exploring movement dynamics.

I wanted to examine the dynamics of birds together.

Being small and moving so quickly – even when interacting with other birds – their movement becomes a kind of dance.

With the ability to move freely in three-dimensional space, they aren’t bound by gravity the same way we are.

In a captured moment, we can see how these little dancers twist and turn around each other in constantly unfurling dialogue.

It’s about the backgrounds.

The mood you associate with the memory of the bird is expressed in a background that is colourful and out of focus.

Rather than depict the exact environment from that moment, the background is a hazy memory.

It expresses how the weather made you feel and the delight you experienced at noticing a bird suddenly so close.

The energetic brushstrokes show how your mind rushes to parse together an image of a moment that is gone in a flutter.

The brain fills in the blanks when the image is gone before it can be committed to memory.

How was this collection born?

Working on the Luminance collection was very taxing on both the eyes and the mind, since was only working with the most basic spectrum of dark and light.

Drawing on a black background feels extremely heavy quickly, and I started painting these birds because I felt I needed to generate a colourful explosion in my brain.

Painting abstractly allows me to work quickly and to focus on the colours.

Not having to think about painting in my typical highly detailed manner is very freeing, but I find abstraction very challenging.

I believe that painting in this way is helping me to improve my technique and will improve my other work.

You can find these little birds in my shop.