Metric to UK to US knitting needle conversion chart

Not sure which needles you need for a project? Check out the chart below to convert needle sizes.

Metric SizesUK SizesUS Sizes
2.0 mm140
2.25 mm131
2.75 mm122
3.0 mm11
3.25 mm103
3.5 mm4
3.75 mm95
4.0 mm86
4.5 mm77
5.0 mm68
5.5 mm59
6.0 mm410
6.5 mm310 1/2
7.00 mm2
7.5 mm1
8.00 mm011
9.00 mm0013
10.0 mm00015
12.0 mm17
16.0 mm19
19.0 mm35
25.0 mm50

How to find out what size knitting needle you have if it doesn’t say on the needle?

To determine the size of a knitting needle that doesn’t have its size marked, you can use several methods:

  1. Needle gauge tool: This is the most accurate method. A needle gauge has holes of various sizes with size labels. You simply insert your needle into these holes until you find the one that fits snugly. The size next to the hole is the size of your needle.
  2. Ruler or measuring tape: If you don’t have a needle gauge, you can use a ruler or measuring tape. Measure the diameter of the needle in millimetres. You can then compare this measurement to a knitting needle size chart.
  3. Comparison with marked needles: If you have other needles whose sizes are known, you can compare your unmarked needle with them. Line them up side by side to see which one it matches most closely in terms of thickness.
  4. Knitting a test swatch: If you’re unsure about the needle size and how it affects your knitting, you can knit a small test swatch. Compare the gauge of this swatch to the gauge recommended in your knitting pattern using the same yarn.

Remember that needle sizes can vary slightly between brands, so if you’re working on a precise project, using a needle gauge tool is the best option.