Not Your Average Flowers – a collection of positive sentiment paired with watercolour florals

Positivity affirmation quotes

These are flowers for people who mean business when it comes to good cheer. You woke up this morning determined to put on your dancing shoes. You got a demon to kill. Today is your day – you’re gonna rise, shine and kick some ass! You’re gonna let go of the negativity and the bullshit. You’re gonna put down that burden that’s weighing you down and pay tribute to your unique strengths. You’re gonna give the finger to those ass-hats […]

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How to declutter your emotional closet (with a little help from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

How to declutter your emotional baggage

Just like our regular closet, our emotional closet gets filled up with all sorts of things. And just like you get inspired at 2 AM to Marie Kondo your way through your closet, it would do you a world of good to unload some emotional baggage too. The funny thing about emotions though, is that, even though they’re biological markers for you to use along the way – and very useful at that – they can get you stuck. To […]

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Have an adult bully at work? How to remain zen as f*ck when faced with an adult bully

How to deal with an adult bully

Bullying is a horrible thing. It sticks to you and stays with you. It will make you susceptible to being bullied again and it will even define your worth. If you let it. Some bullies you grow up with, others you meet in the school yard. And yet more of them pepper your work life and it isn’t a question of if you’ll run into them, but when. If you’re looking for a quick fix to bullying, this isn’t it. […]

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Is it absurd to smile when you don’t feel like it?

Does smiling make you feel better?

A smiling face is truly a beautiful face and a simple smile is the door to opening your heart to compassion. Everyone recognises and understands a smile because a smile is the universal language of kindness and friendliness. With hundreds of languages around the world, the smile speaks them all. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. Because when you smile you get smiles in return. Not only is a smile a powerful gesture to show others, but […]

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Is my art for you?

Sunset unicorn doodles

I love making empowering art for women. Because I want all you badass bitches to have my art in your life. I want it to inspire you every day. I want the women who are still growing up. I want the women who’ve already seen things and done things. I want the women who are content with their life. And the women who are still searching for themselves or for something else. I want the brutally honest, the terminally awkward […]

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