Is my art for you?

Sunset unicorn doodles

I love making empowering art for women.

Because I want all you badass bitches to have my art in your life.

I want it to inspire you every day.

I want the women who are still growing up. I want the women who’ve already seen things and done things.

I want the women who are content with their life.

And the women who are still searching for themselves or for something else.

I want the brutally honest, the terminally awkward and the ones who say no, change their minds and sometimes just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

I want the women who climb the hills instead of look for ways around them. I want the women who have sacrificed to get where they are today and know their way around life.

The women who have known love and lost love, but who still dare to give love with all their heart and defy anyone to question it.

I want the women who do stuff despite their fears, the women who look at unfavourable odds as a challenge. I want the women who are ready to put on the warpaint and jump into the fray once more.

The women who have loved, lost and survived.

I want the boss babes who strive and struggle to take charge of their own destiny every day because I know that you can sound confident and still have anxiety.

That you can look healthy but still feel like shit.

That you can seem happy but still be so lonely.

That you can feel joy at the same time as despair.

That’s who my art is for. That’s who I create for.

The women who wrangle their own unicorn and ride it into the sunset.

I applaud each and every one of you.