Upcycling old t-shirts into stuff

Ever since I learned how to make t-shirt yarn years and years ago, I’ve been obsessed with upcycling old t-shirts. I’ve made baskets and rugs and toys and I can’t even remember it all.

It has also inspired me to save the ankles from old socks because I one day wanna turn them into a really awesome quilt!

This rug I’m trying to make for the kitchen though has been a really tricky one, because I want a rectangle. I usually make round rugs, such as…

It’s an old maxi dress that I absolutely loved that I didn’t wanna throw away when it broke because it was so much usable fabric. Now I’m in the process of turning this into a floor cushion because our old cushions have finally (and I mean literally after like 10+ yrs) given up and are gonna start leaking stuffing soon. 

So I’m on a mission to have somewhere for all that stuffing to go – hopefully before it’s all over the floor and accessible to these two. Especially Tigger, he loves stuffing and will spread it EVERYWHERE.

From rug to cushion, all finished!

I messed up the bottom so when you turn it upside down it looks like a UFO, but I’m counting on time and use flattening the whole thing and making me forget it’s under there.

I did fill it with 1500g of stuffing, so it’s suuuuper comfy to sit on and blends right in with the rest of our random floor cushions!

Was debating putting a line of colourful pompoms all around the edge where the colours meet, but now that it’s done I’ve moved on to other projects and don’t feel like going back and besides, this is already in daily use (even if the smaller cat sometimes claims the whole thing for herself), so doing more to it now will be tricky.

When I have that country house, I’m buying a carpet loom to make rag rugs. I used to love doing that as a kid, but I haven’t been able to find a loom that’s a reasonable distance away that I could use.

I made one basket using green/blue yarns and put the ugliest one on the bottom where it won’t be seen that much.

I’ve made a few huge t-shirt yarn baskets before, which are super handy (especially when you add handles!).