The world needs more rich women! Here are 6 habits to help you shift your money mindset and create more abundance in your life

7 habits you can learn to day to bring more money into your life

What do you think; is there more money in your future?

Or are you using your thoughts and energy to repel wealth and abundance?

Why I’m bringing this up, is because abundance is an energy.

And when you approach it that way it becomes far easier to create the good stuff in life.

It doesn’t matter if you crave more money, more love, more friendships, more joy, more health or even more fun – by making yourself ready to receive more abundance, you’re opening the door for it to come into your life.

Because your level of awareness of what you have access to creates the habitual life you live.

Meaning, that if you’re always focusing on what you don’t or cannot have, you’re just attracting more of the not having.

All it takes is for you to see just a dash of hope, a glimmer of light, that things could be different for you, and you’ll begin to dial in your awareness on those things.

It’s like turning on the radio and finding the frequency you want to listen to.

Except, in this case, you’re the radio and your mind is the dial.

First, you need to scroll roughly to the range you want (say in the 100s) before you can fine-tune your search to the pinpoint location you need (like 101.8).

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nicola Tesla

The frequency of your beliefs and thoughts are what you use to resonate with the goals you want to achieve.

You’re sending out a signal into the Universal substance that you’re open for business, and somewhere out there they’ll match with what you’re looking for and a ping will come rushing back to you.

Sounding a bit woo-woo for you?

I get that it can seem impossible to live a life that is full and complete as the world seems to be burning with violence, hate, anger, greed, exploitation, lack and poverty.

But that just means you have a greater job to do with your own individual thoughts and beliefs.

The world needs you to step up and be the change we so desperately need.

Rich women can change the world

Think about yourself, and think about the women you know, what do we do when we have extra money in our lives?

We help other people.

We donate to charity. We support small businesses. We give of what we have so others can have too.

Now, it would be nice to live in this barter economy where you’d never have to worry about money, where you never have to think about it.

But the truth is: the world is run by money.

Laws are often changed because of powerful lobbying groups with money.

The people who have money, have a bigger say in what the world looks like because of their money. And it’s not always for the better.

I want more women to have more money. And I want women to have more power

Because we do really good things with it: when women have money and power, it changes the economy for the better.

And I want this world to be filled with women who’re changing it for the better.

But if you want to have a say in shaping the world you live in, the world your children and grandchildren are going to live in, your ticket into that is money.

So, stop thinking about money as something that you do or don’t deserve. Just like a degree gives you access to higher paying jobs, so money gives you access to a new level of decision-making and shaping the world.

Your money is waiting for you to come and claim it

If you’re tired of looking at your bank account and feeling frustration and a sinking feeling in your stomach, of feeling jealous of everyone else who seems to be rolling in money but you’re struggling to level-up your income, then it’s time for you to make one change.

One pivotal change to turn it all around: shift your money mindset.

Because you simply can’t start raking in the stacks if you’re radiating negative vibes about money all day long.

Think about it; who wants to be friends with someone who hates all people?

So, from today, make a commitment to changing your thoughts and beliefs about money – and set yourself up to be best friends with money instead.

Pick up these 6 habits to shift your money mindset

I want to share 7 things you can start doing today in order to rework your relationship with money.

They’re all really simple things and you have no excuse to not do these things if you want this change.

1. Give your money purpose

As I said before, money is just energy. Abundance is just energy.

And you have access to it right now because it’s constantly flowing all around you.

But if you don’t tell the money where to go, how can you expect it to show up in your life?

But it’s like receiving a parcel from a delivery company. You have to give them specific instructions as to how, when and where they can deliver it to you – or you can kiss that parcel goodbye.

They might drop it off at your neighbour instead. How much would that suck, your money going to someone else?

The good news in case that happens? There’s always more money.

So, don’t worry about not getting it right the first time.

But, of course, you’d like it to come to the right recipient the first time, right?

In order to make space for the wealth and prosperity you want in your life you have to make space for it.

It’s like preparing for a new puppy or kitten. You know it’s coming soon so you put down bowls in the kitchen and a little pet bed next to the sofa – physically making space for that new thing in your life.

You start rethinking your schedule so that you can feed it, play with it and go for walks – mentally making space for that new thing in your life.

And, of course, you spend every damn daydreaming about what it’s going to be like once that little fluffball is in your life – energetically bringing yourself closer to the you that is a pet owner and eliminating the space between you before the floof and you after the floof.

Do the same for abundance.

Whatever that looks like for you – money, joy, love, friends, pets, change, confidence.

Start a journaling habit and write down exactly what you’re gonna use the money on and how much all those things cost.

Create a vision board for your money – having a visual representation of what you want to spend the money on is a great inspirational tool to put somewhere you can see it every day.

But be warned: simply creating a vision board and asking the universe to throw more money your way isn’t how you get a more abundant life.

All of these things are tools to help you focus your mind on working towards this thing that you want to achieve.

So, really think about what it is that you’d like to have more of and choose visual representations of those things to add to your vision board.

Things you can add to your vision board:

  • dream car
  • dream house
  • vacations you want to take
  • destinations you want to travel to
  • friendships you’d love to have
  • things you’d do with more time off
  • relationships you want to have
  • confidence levels you’d love to have
  • health issues or improvements you’d like to make
  • education you’d like to get
  • number of followers you want to have on social media or readers on your blog
  • and whatever the heck you want!

Because you can have it all if you just set yourself up for success. 😘

2. Identify what your blocks are

If you’re not enjoying the kind of experience in your life that you’d like – find out why.

There’s something standing in the way of it coming into your life. You need to dig into the deep recesses of your mind that don’t get any sunlight and clear that shit out!

Your blocks can be made up (and do note that they are made up) of things like stories you’ve picked up about what kind of people can and cannot have money.

You hear these stories from your family growing up, from friends, from TV, from the media, from scrolling social media and from the stuff that you let into that beautiful mind of yours.

Because what you consume begins to define you, so make sure you’re curating your social media feed as ardently as the people you spend the most time with.

List and chart out the beliefs you carry within you about money. If, like many of us, you’ve absorbed this idea that rich people are stuck up, bossy, bitchy, evil, spoiled and born into money, you need to know this.

Your parents may have instilled a belief in you that making money is not easy and that you have to work unrealistically hard to make it.

You may have a past history with money that is full of negativity. Maybe you believe that you aren’t worthy or capable of making a lot of money. Maybe you believe that having a lot of money will change you as a person for the worse.

You may even be intentionally holding yourself back from financial success because you’re afraid of how people will see you if you have a lot of money. Maybe they’ll treat you differently, get jealous or come after you for money.

You need to discover, write down and clear out these stories.

Because your past history with money doesn’t define how much you can make.

Grab your journal and ask yourself:

  • What feelings come up when I think about money?
  • Did my family tell me negative things about money?
  • What stories have I told myself in order to keep playing small?

Once you’ve figured out where your money stories come from, write a letter of forgiveness.

Forgive all the people who taught you negative things about money. Forgive yourself for believing those stories. And apologise to yourself for building a poor relationship with abundance.

Be brutally open and honest about this because you don’t have to show it to anyone else. It’s just for you.

If you need more help identifying your limiting beliefs, check out these 10 prompts to help you get started.

3. Rewrite your money story

In order to train your mind to think differently, you need to become aware of your thoughts and pay attention to when your triggers come up.

When you think about the money in your bank account right now, how does that make you feel? Where in your body can you feel it?

When you pay your bills, or pay for things at the store, does it leave you feeling worried that you don’t have enough? Or that you’ll soon run out and won’t be able to afford things?

You have to start catching yourself red handed when you start thinking like this.

It’s the only way to divert your thought pattern into better, more productive ones.

When, “Oh, shit, I can’t afford this” pops into your head you need to grab it, cross it out, remind yourself that it’s BULLSHIT, toss it out, and replace it with, “There’s always more money” or “I have all the money I need” or whatever works for you.

Whenever you look at the balance in your bank account, express gratitude for what’s there.

When you’re checking out at the store, say to yourself, “There’s more where that came from”.

And whenever you catch yourself feeling negative about money, immediately list 10 things you’re grateful for that your money has bought you (the food you ate today, the clothes you wear, the house you live in etc.).

By turning these simple shifts into habits, you’ll make a huge difference for the balance in your bank account. Trust me.

4. Pay close attention to the energy you absorb from others

Surrounding yourself with people who have a poor mindset about abundance can really bring you down!

I don’t mean that you should start cutting people out of your life just because they’ve developed a crappy relationship with money.

Just don’t allow yourself to pick up their bad money stories or their negative energy about it.

When you hear someone starting to complain about money or people who have it, remind yourself that you don’t have to take on how they feel.

Neither is it your responsibility to help fix their relationship with money for them. Let it go.

And remember to shield and cleanse yourself of the negative vibes.

5. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

No matter what you’re doing, you can never go wrong by remembering your gratitude.

One of the most important elements in increasing abundance is gratitude.

If you aren’t grateful for the ___________ (money, friends, relationships, things, lifestyle, confidence) you already have, more isn’t gonna show up.

Not until you change your own view of it.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Oprah Winfrey

Make gratitude an unshakeable habit.

Say it out loud, journal it, write it down on little notes all around the house, put inspirational posters on your walls – do anything and everything that you can think of to make a grateful outlook your default.

Challenge yourself to give thanks for 10 things every day. It can be anything in your life – your family and friends, you coworkers, your pets, your hobbies, your home, the air you’re breathing right now or your skin for feeling things. Big and small.

Just make sure you’re not mindlessly listing things. Really lean into the feeling you get from gratitude and amplify and extend the influence of that feeling in your life.

6. Never stop working on your optimistic money mindset

This last thing is something you just can’t ignore.

You need to always pay attention and be aware of your thoughts and feelings and what triggered them if you want to keep the abundance flowing.

Rich people aren’t free of money blocks, they’ve simply gotten better at dealing with them as they come up.

It’s also helpful if you proactively work on your money mindset form time to time.

Read a book, work with a coach, take a course and just keep coming back to journaling prompts that help you work on your mindset and keep it optimistic.

Your relationship with money needs time and effort, or it’ll just wilt and wither away.

Start by making gratitude your default mindset, and you’re already off to a good start!

Redefine how you value yourself.

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